10,000 Steps A Day Challenge

10,000 Steps A Day Challenge 

How Many Steps A Day?

Do you know why most of us aim for 10,000 steps a day? You might assume that the reasons so many of us and fitness apps recommend 10,000 steps a day is rooted deep in years of research, wrong. It actually came from a Japanese company who sold a pedometer called 10,000 step meter and the name stuck (1). BUT, there are benefits to be had from achieving your daily steps so don’t worry! Let’s explore how many steps you should be aiming for, as 10,000 steps a day isn’t for everyone. 

There is a lot of conflicting information on how many steps people should be getting paid and the average amount of steps people achieve seems to vary from country to country. In England the NHS have said the average person gets 3000-4000 steps a day and in America it is the same. However in Australia a sedentary person (someone inactive) gets an average of 5,000 (2,3,4). Despite the step count varying it is really important to make this personal to you and see where your starting point is . Our Fitness Coach Jade, recommended trying to add 500 steps a day onto your current baseline target - where you are now. Stick to this for a week and then once you have a new routine, increase it again.  

How To Reach A Step Goal

Do you struggle to find time for exercise? You don’t need to do it all in one go - let’s get creative! 


Walk And Talk

Can you take any of your personal or work calls on the move? Instead of sitting at your desk or on the sofa,  you could go for a nice long walk and talk. This won’t take up any more time but can add some extra health benefits, maybe you could encourage the other person to do the same. 


Swap Transport For Walking

Do you drive or catch a bus to work? Can you swap your usual commute for walking? Even if it means you park a street away or get off at a stop earlier, all the steps count and add up to your total! If you have children or look after them, can you walk them to and from school and get the daily steps as a family activity? These suggestions may not be realistic for everyday, but could you do it once a week?


Have A Run

A great way to reach that step count is with a run. Put on your favourite running shoes and get out there for a jog outside or a treadmill at the gym. Could you find yourself a running buddy? Someone who will encourage you to go out on the days you can’t be bothered or when the weather is a little off!


Include A Daily Workout

The NHS recommends daily exercise to maintain both your health and fitness (5). Walking and running don’t have to be the only form of exercise for your step counts; you can get in a daily workout like a gym class, play for a local sports team too or do household chores. 

Check out the some popular activities and the average steps per minute below:

Walking (moderate pace) - 100 

Moderate gardening (e.g weeding) - 73

Housework (vacuuming) - 90

Food shopping - 60 

Golfing (walking, no cart) - 100 

Playing tennis (singles) - 160 

Playing football (casual) - 207 

Swimming (front crawl 1 mph) - 91 

Zumba - 152

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