5 Crystals for attracting wealth and abundance!

5 Crystals for attracting wealth and abundance!

Wanting to attract more wealth, financial security and abundance into your life?  The biggest setback we often face when trying to bring in abundance, is coming from a lack mindset.  Having self-limiting beliefs that we don’t deserve it, or that we just can't get it.  These crystals are help to switch up your mindset, vibration and frequency and help you bring in the wealth and abundance that you desire!  


Pyrite, also known as Fools Gold is a powerful gold coloured crystal which perfectly aligns you with attracting the gold energy for money abundance.  Pyrite helps to shift your mindset from lack to abundant thinking, helping you to feel courageous in your pursuits. There’s nothing foolish about keeping Fools Gold nearby when you want to attract more money and wealth into your life!



Citrine is often associated with financial success and business success.  It can be a powerful crystal to use during manifestation to attract more.  Citrine can amplify your intention around money, helping you save, spend wisely, earning money and keeping it!  It also reminds us to be generous and encourages us to share, wealth around us means wealth within us.  Keep Citrine in your office or on your desk in your work space to amplify that business success. 

Tigers Eye 

Tigers Eye helps to take your dreams and turn them into reality!  Helping to propel you forward in your career and goals.  A lucky stone to have with you if you are starting a new job or new business.  This stone helps us to stay grounded and humble surrounding money.  A talisman of luck and good fortune, this crystal can help bring in all the money you desire.


Malachite helps to protect you against misfortune, and financial problems.  An important trait when trying to attract more wealth and abundance.   Reminding us to be smart with our money, and remain positive.  Malachite dispels negative energy and helps improve your energy and mindset, overcoming limiting beliefs.


Amazonite is the stone of hope, success and abundance.  Bringing feelings of positivity, this crystal will help you to believe that anything is possible!  Promoting success in all areas of your life, this stone will uplift your mind and energy, helping you to step into abundant thinking.  Bringing your goals and dreams within reach!

Top tip! - Keep any of the above crystals in your purse or wallet for an extra money attracting boost!


Written by Donna Edwards

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