A beginners guide to tarot Choosing the right deck

Whether you are a newbie to the spiritual world or already 7 hours deep into kundalini yoga marathon, choosing your first deck can be a little daunting. Here are a few pointers to get you going off to a great start.
What does tarot mean to you?
Firstly decide what you see your relationship with tarot blossoming into. Do you eventually want to be able to do full in depth readings for other people as a business or for fun? Or are you looking for a little guidance in your own life?
Tarot originated in Italy and there are decks dating back all the way to the 1400’s. With such an abundance of choice now it can be hard to know where to start. Using tarot and oracle cards is a great way to find deep insight into situations. One tarot deck you will see frequently is the Rider-Waite deck and it's always a good choice for beginners, especially those wanting to be able to read for others. Its one of the most common decks you’ll see when looking for a reading. Many of the other tarot decks you will see are based on the Rider-Waite deck, often its only the illustrations that differ whereas the meanings stay the same. Like the traditional pack of playing cards most tarot decks have 4 suits but with an added extra 5 suit known as the major arcana. The traditional suits are wands, swords, cups and pentacles (also sometimes known as coins)
If you are looking for something more personal oracle cards are incredible for giving positive affirmations and starting the day off right. They work very well even with one card readings and come in a huge variety of styles. They usually don’t have suits so it also gives the freedom to cover a huge variety of different topics, from daily affirmations, to positive quotes and even animal spirits, the list of possibilities in endless!
Find illustrations that resonate with you
Many tarot readers say they have a personal connection with their cards so its nice to have a little look at some of the cards, see the style of illustrations and choose a deck that resonates with you. If you’re lucky enough to have a feel of the cards in person that’s great, if you’re online shopping take a moment to look at the sample cards and see if it stirs any connection within you. Think about whether you want to go for a set with the original suits or ones that have mixed it up a bit. I would recommend for first time readers to go with a deck that’s meanings are the same as the original rider-waite cards but illustrations you are drawn to. For those looking for a deck just for fun, daily one card practise or those that are just a little curious oracle cards can also be amazing. They often have stunning imagery with a lot of meaning to each card, this means it's easy to just pull a daily card and already get a lot of insight to the day ahead. The reflection cards by the calm club are a great set to start with if you want oracle cards, they have cute pictures and easy to digest meanings. Oracle cards are great for first time readers who have at least 5 minutes a day to just pull one card and look up the meaning.
How do you want to learn?
How are you planning on learning ? Although choosing an obscure deck can be fun, if it’s not so common there may be limited information online to guide you in how to read that specific deck. Unless you have a good friend with the time and knowledge to help you understand how to read it, it may be best to stick to either the Rider-Waite deck or any deck with the same structure. All decks will come with basic instructions and card meanings but its definitely helpful to have a more common deck which will have a lot of helpful resources online to help you with your learning journey. If you are keen to get insight but not interested in spending a lot of time learning specific card meanings oracle cards are also perfect!
Lastly, Have fun! The world of tarot is a wonderful place , the community is huge and there is a lot to learn not only about yourself but also about tarot.
Written by the girl and the cards  Lauren Rose
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