A Ceremony for the Full Moon

A Ceremony for the Full Moon

Want to do something over the full moon. But don’t know where to start? Here is a handy little ritual you can do at home.

What is the Full Moon?

The Full Moon is a lunar phase where the moon is the biggest and brightest in the sky it will be thought the whole cycle. At this point it is easiest to see in the sky and it is really illuminated when looking at it from Earth.


What does the new moon symbolize? 

Whereas the New Moon is all about setting intentions the Full Moon is all about letting go. This is a fabulous time to appreciate and be grateful to how far you’ve come but also to let go of things that don’t serve you.


Why do people say the full moon makes people act strange?

Its well documented that the full moon can affect you mentally ( whether you are a werewolf or not)  The moon actually controls all the tides on earth so it is no wonder it can also affect your brain seeing as it's a huge source of water. It's also known to disrupt sleep.


Full Moon Ritual


Things you will need : 

1. Time to do the ritual itself

2. Two bowls

3. A pen

4. Some paper

5. A candle and matches (or lighter)


Optional things you can also bring : Sage, crystals, incense, blanket or anything else to make your space more comfortable.

It's good to be able to do this outside if you can so you can access the full power of the moon shining down on you.

1. First things first, set out your space, arrange your items around you. Make sure you are sitting comfortably. Take a deep breathe, imagine all the problems and anxiety you may have just washing away from your body.

2. Next light the candle and fill one of the bowls with water.

3. Now it's time to open up and take the pen and paper and write. Think of anything you know and want to get rid of from your life. Anything that is not serving you. Anything creating negative energy. Any negative thoughts you may think. Anything at all that you feel is limiting your life.

4. Next I like to fold the paper in half, I look to the moon and say thank you for allowing me the strength to let go of what no longer serves me, take the corner of the paper to the candle flame, wait for it to light ( if it struggles to light take a moment to think if you are really ready to let this go) then place the paper in the bowl to burn to a crisp!

5. After you’ve done this place your hands in the water to signify cleansing of the old and clearing space for the new.

6. Finally take a moment to sit while the candle burns to express gratitude for being able to let go. Sit for as long as you need to before saying thank you and returning back down to earth! 



Written by the girl and the cards 


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