A Vow to Your Future; Intentions.

The ultimate manifestation tool. What are intentions? How can they I use them to manifest my desires?

Setting Intentions

Intentions are like vows to yourself, a commitment in writing. Something you are so set on achieving, it will happen no matter what. 

You can set intentions whenever you like; perhaps you have a big day coming up, like an important meeting/interview or exam. You can use intentions as a manifestation tool to amplify the energy attached to this occasion. 

How To Set Intentions: 

You will need a pen and paper; This is the important part, physically writing your intentions down on paper is extremely powerful. It is a nice idea to have a special notepad for your intentions, this way you can keep them all in one place and look back at them over time to see how powerful this process is. You will see what has come to fruition, and what you need to re-focus your energy on. 

You can start with some affirmations…

  • I am loved
  • I am light 
  • I am beautiful 
  • I am worthy 
  • I inspire others to do better

Then allow yourself to flow….

  • Focus your energy on the present, forget that time exists and write as if everything you desire is currently within your life.

So, instead of “I will get this job”, change this to present tense; “I love my job at (company name) and I continue to grow within the role”. 

  • You can use crystals to amplify your intentions; Citrine will help call in success, happiness and abundance. Clear quartz will support angelic connection to your intentions. Black Tourmaline protects your intentions from negative energy ties.
  • Setting intentions fortnightly with each New Moon and Full Moon, can help keep focus and Luna’s energy amplifies manifestations. Tip: place intentions outside with crystals to cleanse and charge in the Moon light.
  • Alternatively, put your intentions under your pillow to sleep with at night. Or place them in sight, on a wall or on the fridge. 

Feeling Like That Witch?

You can get creative with your intentions and practice some light witchy spell work. 

If you are manifesting wealth in abundance, place coins and money on your intentions. Herbs and spices can help amplify your intentions too; Chamomile and bay leaves will support calling in money, cinnamon and rose petals will support calling in Love. 

Still struggling for affirmations? 

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written by Sian Saunders 

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