Aquarius Full Moon: Everything you need to know

The full moon tonight is in the zodiac sign of Aquarius.  Helping us to untangle, release and to finally see the truth.  What else does this full moon have to offer us, and what do we need to look out for?

The moon in the sign of Aquarius teaches us how we can be of service to the rest of the world.  How we can take our purpose, our passion and our potential and showcase it to the world.  This full moon will help you to see past yourself and into the bigger picture.  Asking you what the world really needs and what you can provide.  No one ever served the world hiding, so take time to think about your skills, talents, hobbies and passions.  It’s time to start sharing your gift.  

Aquarius is an independent air sign, so anything that tries to pull you away from your freedom will become clear to you.  Feelings of rebellion will drive you as you want distraction and release from everyday life.  Living more spontaneously, with a desire for freedom, this moon is the perfect time to put big changes and plans into action.

Use the Aquarius full moon to...

  • Live from the heart – be passionate and share your gifts!
  • Make a clean break from that which is holding you back
  • Get ready for change

  • Things to watch out for...

  • Running away from your problems
  • Feelings of rebellion and being too careless with your words and actions
  • Trying to force your opinions on others

  • Full Moon Rituals 

    The full moon encourages us to release and let go.  Use this time to focus on what no longer serves you and what is holding you back.  Make a list of the things you are ready to let go of, whether this be a bad habit or a negative thought pattern.  When you’ve written your list, throw it into a fire, watch them burn and feel your bodies energy become lighter as the words turn to ashes.  

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