Black Obsidian: The warrior of truth

Black Obsidian is the stone of personal protection, and a stone of ultimate truth.  Helping to clear negativity and boost connection to the inner psych and divine energy.  Obsidian helps us to feel safe, honest and in control.  Making this a great talisman of power and trust.   But what else does this dark crystal have to offer us?

Obsidian: Appearance

Obsidian is black in its appearance with tones of brownish grey.  It is a translucent stone and resembles a similar structure to the look of glass. 

Healing the mind

With it's dark appearance and nature, this stone is connected to the magic of all things hidden, lost, forgotten or forbidden.  A stone with no limitations, it teaches us to just LET GO.  That we too can live without the limitations that we put upon ourselves.  That our fears, negative thought processes and troubles we face are actually teaching us ways to grow and expand beyond our limitations.  Obsidian is a great stone for revealing hidden truths and bringing them into the light. 

Healing the body

This crystal is used for grounding the physical body and to help balance the digestive system.  It can also be used to help ease arthritis or joint pain.  You can place the stone over the affected area to help ease feelings of pain, stiffness and aches.

Healing the chakra’s

Obsidian works in alignment with the Root Chakra.  As a stone to help the body and mind to feel grounded and centred.  It helps us feel connected to our roots and the foundations of our lives.  Reminding us not to forget what we've been through, and where we've come from, to get to where we want to be.  When the root chakra is in balance we feel;

  • Grounded
  • Stable
  • Safe and secure
  • Positive
  • Energised
  • Connected to the world around you

So how can we reap the benefits of this crystals power?  Perfect to wear as a piece of jewellery to keep on you as a personal talisman.  Therefore, always reminding you to speak with truth and that you are safe and protected by the world around you.



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