Break the habit: Crystals to help you quit

Gain back control, and find a sense of freedom and support in overcoming any bad habit with these crystals to help you quit.  A bad habit is any negative behavioural pattern that doesn't serve you, your health or your wellbeing.  Something such as smoking, being judgemental or procrastination.  No matter how much we say we want to give them up, we struggle to find how we can.  Our Healing Crystal Set for breaking bad habits will give you support and give you an energy boost when you need it most!  These are the crystals you need to help you quit.  Get ready to finally give that habit the kick.

Healing crystals to help you quit

Take back your power and control with the help of these crystals to finally give up that bad habit you're ready to let go of!  Keep your crystals nearby, especially during times of temptation.  Keeping them on your bedside will remind you to stay strong as soon as you wake.  And seeing them before bed reminds you to celebrate your achievement of getting further away from your habit. 

Gold Tigers Eye - For courage, motivation and calm

When giving up any bad habit it takes courage, motivation and confidence to begin the journey.  It may not be easy but keeping your calm will help you to push through in times when you are struggling.  Gold Tigers Eye does just that.  Reminding you to be courageous in your approach and to inspire motivation when you feel like giving in.  Any habit is just a repeated action.  By repeatedly not doing your bad habit, you are building a new habit.  You could even replace it with a new and healthier habit.

Red Tigers Eye - For safety and reducing panicked feelings

Giving up a bad habit can sometimes make us feel out of control.  If we cant scratch that itch with a nicotine boost, it can cause feelings of panic and desperation within.  Red Tigers Eye will help to protect you from feelings of anxiousness and panic caused by giving up.  Remember not to focus on what you are lacking from not participating in your bad habit.  But rather to focus on what you are gaining.  This could be anything from freedom, extra money in your pocket, or better health.

Black Onyx - For creating a positive mindset

Positivity is key!  With a positive mindset you can do anything you want to.  Stop telling yourself you can't and start telling yourself you can!  Black Onyx is the perfect crystal for creating a positive mindset.  Helping to ward off negative thoughts and self belief.  Half the battle to giving up any habit is within our mind.  Turn your thoughts of lack and missing out, to thoughts of gain.  Tell yourself you can and you're already half way there. 

Rose Quartz - For boosting feelings of compassion for ourselves and our mistakes

Part of any journey involves setbacks and mistakes.  But this doesn't mean you've failed.  It provides you with renewed strength and motivation to not make the same mistake twice.  Rose Quartz is the ultimate stone of love and compassion.  Reminding us to be gentle with ourselves on our journey.  And knowing it isn't the end of the world if we mess up.  This crystal will give you just the boost you need to give yourself a little extra self care and love.


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