Clear Topaz: For focused intention and prosperity

Clear Topaz: For focused intention and prosperity

Clear Topaz promotes mental clarity, clear intentions and helps the mind to focus.  A powerful stone of truth and healing, helping to bring manifestations and prosperity to life.

Clear Topaz: Appearance

Clear Topaz is naturally colourless, although can sometimes contain elements of gold, brown, light blue or orange.

Healing the mind

Clear Topaz helps to increase intuition, opens the mind to a higher dimension of thinking and increases positivity.  It helps boost mental clarity and focus, allowing us to see things clearly and focus our intentions so we can take the steps that lead us forward.  Clear Topaz recognises our efforts and promotes our actions ending in results.  This can be a powerful stone for manifestation, connecting with our truth and inner healing.

Healing the body

Clear Topaz can help those suffering with low energy to feel more energised.   It can also aid in recovery from illness or injury, directing energy to where it is most needed.  This stone can be placed over any area of the body to promote a sense of healing and wellbeing.  Clear Topaz can also help to boost mindset helping those with low mood, depression or anxiety.  

Written by Donna Edwards

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