Cosy Rituals for darker evenings

Cosy Rituals for darker evenings

Last week we looked at some rituals to make our mornings more manageable this Winter.  Now we are turning to cosy ways we can spend our evenings, and let's be honest with sunset being so early, we’ve got a lot of evening time to work with!  So how can we make sure our evenings don’t go to waste in front of the telly? The evening time gives us chance to take stock, restore our energy levels and get organised for the day ahead.  So here’s how we’ll be making the most of those dark nights.

Watch the sunset

With the earliness of the sunset, again we are more likely to catch it at the end of our day.  Driving home from work, walking the dog or picking the kids up from their after-school clubs.  Watching the sunset helps us to reconnect to our circadian rhythms, resetting the body to fall back into its natural sleeping pattern.  Plus, it’s a super beautiful way to reconnect with nature at the end of your day.  If your day is filled with tasks, to-do lists and working indoors, taking a moment to simply stop and observe can help to bring peace, and closure to the hectic part of your day.  Quietly resetting the mind and focusing on something outside of yourself.  If you can, make it part of your going home from work routine, especially if you are in a rush.  Use it to bring the whole family together to signify the start of family time and self-care.  Everything else can wait, a moment to yourself should be a priority to reflect on your day and wind down. 

Take a bath

If you were a shower person throughout the summer months, it's time to indulge and settle into a relaxing bath.  A bath can provide that all important ‘you’ time.  A time where you can lock the door, take a moment from kids hassling you and really relax.  Make it more luxurious with your favourite scents, salts, bubble bath and candles.  Not only does a bath help to relax the muscles, therefore releasing that pesky built-up tension from the day, but it also helps to relax the mind.  A sense of comfort and warmth helping the mind and body to feel soothed. Taking a bath before bed can help you to soften into a state of evening bliss.  Make it a ritual to wash away the day, cleansing yourself and winding down for a good night's sleep.   

Sip Chamomile tea

Herbal teas offer great benefits for the mind and the body.  Chamomile tea helps to release anxious feelings, help us to feel calmer and relaxed.  Sipping on chamomile tea can become a nice evening ritual to signal to your brain that it's time to start winding down.  Drink your tea whilst reading a book, journaling about your day or watching a bit of TV.  Drink mindfully and tune into the senses.  Notice how the drink tastes, how it smells, the steam rising from the top of the cup and the feeling of the warm mug held between your hands.  Stay present for the whole time you enjoy your cup of tea, only worrying about the rest of the evenings tasks after its finished.

Prepare for the morning ahead

Make the darker mornings that little bit easier by prepping the night before.  Lay clothes out on the bed, prep lunches and school bags ready to go and leave everything tidy.  This way you can start your morning stress free, without hobbling around in the dark looking for that missing PE kit.  Getting on top of the things the night before helps us to stay organised and maximises our time.  Especially if you find it difficult to get out of bed, you’ll relish those few extra minutes to hit the snooze button, knowing that everything is already taken care of. 

Written by Donna Edwards

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