Crystal A-Z: Your Guide

Getting started on your crystal journey can be overwhelming!  Especially as there is so many to choose from.  From different shapes, colours, sizes, and meanings.  There's a crystal for everything.  But which of them is for you?  This is our Crystal A-Z, some of the most popular and well known, and some you might just be discovering.  Find out their colour and most known healing property, to help you decide if it's the crystal you need!


Crystal A-Z Guide

A - Amethyst

Colour: Purple

Property: An all round soothing and healing stone gives this crystal the title' The Master Crystal'.


B - Bloodstone

Colour: Dark Green/Black with Red spots

Property: Banish negativity, helps to ground, increase creativity, decision making and intuition.


C - Citrine

Colour: Golden Yellow

Property: Raises self esteem, lifts mood, brings cheer and increases energy and positivity.


D - Dolomite

Colour: Yellow/Brown/White

Property: Encourages charitable actions and selflessness.  Helps bring energy back into alignment and balance.

E - Emerald

Colour: Green

Property: Helps balance relationships and symbolises unconditional love.


F - Fluorite

Colour: Purple/Green

Property: Supports progress and growth and promotes relaxation and peace within the body.


G - Garnet

Colour: Red

Property: Can attract wealth, representing good fortune.  Brings confidence to make good decisions.


H - Hematite

Colour: Grey/Brown

Property: Boosts motivation, a grounding stone which helps improve focus.


I - Iolite

Colour: Purple/Blue

Property: Helps communication, and to express your personal needs.


J - Jade

Colour: Green

Property: Emotional healing and provides protection from negative energy.


K - Kyanite

Colour: Mixed

Property: Aligns the chakras and boosts creativity, balancing energy.


L - Labradorite

Colour: Blue/Green/Purple

Property: Brings wisdom and understanding. Helps ground an overactive mind and encourages you to learn to let go.


M - Moonstone

Colour: White/Brown

Property: Emotional and loving, promotes inner femininity and calming.


N - Nuumite

Colour: Black/Dark Brown

Property: Releases and exposes the ego, and brings your shadow self to the surface to help you heal.


O - Obsidian

Colour: Black

Property: A strong protective stone, helps us find our true path and navigate changes in our life.


P - Pyrite

Colour: Gold/Yellow

Property: A positive and comforting stone.  Inspires positivity and courage and offers protection from negativity.


Q - Quartz (Clear)

Colour: Transparent

Property: An energising crystal to raise your vibration, uplifting spiritual energy and clearing and balancing negative energy.


R - Rose Quartz

Colour: Pink

Property: The ultimate stone of love.  Helping increase self love, boost self esteem and promotes loving kindness to all.


S - Selenite

Colour: White/Colourless

Property: Powerful healing stone, helps to clear the mind, stabilises emotions and supports balance.


T - Tigers Eye

Colour: Yellow/Brown

Property: Grounds the body and mind and helps improve focus in times of stress and worry.


U - Unakite

Colour: Green

Property: Brings renewal, success and encourages taking a chance on new adventures.


V - Verdite

Colour: Green

Property: Aids personal power, and promotes clarity and honesty and improves self worth.


Z - Zincite

Colour: Orange

Property: Brings balance and stability into your life and helps clear negative energy.


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