Crystal Healing: For a better night's sleep

We all know how important and wonderful sleep is.  But what about the times when that all important sleep evades us?  It’s been a hectic week, you feel restless, stressed and your brain refuses to shut off.  Leaving you tossing and turning, counting down the hours you have left until your alarm goes off.  We’ve all been there.  So how can we help our bodies to feel calm and ready to wind down?  Introducing some crystals into your bedroom, can help to bring the calming, healing energies to soothe your soul to sleep.  These are the crystals you need to keep with you at bedtime to help you let go of the day, and get a restful night's sleep.

Best crystals to improve your sleep


Amethyst is one of the best crystals for improving sleep.  With its renowned qualities of calming the mind, removing negative energy and quietening the mind.  This stone helps to evoke an overall sense of relaxation making it easier to drift off into sleep.  This crystal can also influence your dreams, by targeting the crown and the third eye chakra, it connects us to our deepest wisdom which can flow into our dream state of sleep.  It can also help treat insomnia, and protect against nightmares.


Like the light of the moon, Moonstone helps us recognise when it's time to sleep.  This crystal helps reduce and calm any emotional tension or feelings of overwhelm, making it easier for us to relax and wind down before we sleep.  Moonstone provides feelings of soothing and comfort, and can gently encourage us into a dream state as we sleep. 


Lepidolite is known as the ‘stone of peace’.  Helping to boost your mood and instil a sense of compassion for the self, this crystal helps to put you in the right frame of mind for letting go of the day and drifting off.  The energy frequency emitted by Lepidolite is associated with Theta and Alpha brainwaves, which are formed during the beginning of your sleep.  Helping us to feel calm and at peace.  Allowing us to wake up feeling refreshed and recharged.  No more snoozing that alarm!


Selenite clears negative energy and promotes feelings of serenity.  It helps to recharge and clear out energy, and work with aligning our chakras while we sleep, getting rid of any energy blockages.  Selenite makes your sleep space free from worry and stress, creating a soothing environment for you to drift off in.  


Scolecite is known for promoting dreams and can even help encourage lucid dreaming, dream insight and astral projection.  It can help people who suffer from insomnia, an overreactive mind and stressful sleepers.  

How to use your crystals to help you sleep

After you’ve selected your crystal, you need to know how to use it.  One of the most popular ways to use your crystal to help you sleep is by placing it under your pillow.  Placing the stone here means you are close and will receive the crystals frequency and power strongly.  If you are using your crystals to help effect your mind whilst you dream, keeping it under your pillow is the best place for this.  Another popular option is to meditate with your crystal before bed.  Take a few moments to sit with your crystal in the palm of your hand.  Set your intention to have a peaceful and restful night's sleep, and feel into the energy of the crystal radiating in the palm of your hand.  You can also just keep your crystals next to you whilst you sleep on a shelf or bedside table.  This keeps the crystal in your energy field and allows its frequency to enter the room and the space around you.  If you find the crystals energy is too strong in any of these places, just try placing your crystal further away from you.

Here’s to a peaceful night's sleep...

Written by Donna Edwards



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