Crystal Meditation

Many crystals can be used as a tool to deepen and enhance the meditation experience.  Meditation can help to increase our spiritual awareness and boost our energy with the frequency of the chosen crystal.  New to meditating with a crystal?  Here's a simple meditation to ground and absorb your crystals energy.  All you need is to choose a crystal you feel connected with.  A good place to start is by using Amethyst or Clear Quartz. (For help choosing a crystal that suits you, check out our Crystal A-Z Guide.

Meditation Exercise

1. Sit comfortably either with legs crossed on the floor or a cushion. Or come to seated on a chair.

2. Hold your chosen crystal in your left hand

3. Close down the eyes and settle into stillness.

4. Bring your awareness on to the breath.  Just let the breath flow naturally, applying no force.  Focus on the natural ebb and flow of energy as the breath moves in and out of the body.

5. Take your focus on the left hand holding the crystal.  Begin to become aware of the crystals energy and power in the palm of your hand.  Imagine this energy traveling up through your arm, into your chest and down the right arm and out through the fingers.  Imagine it spreading through the whole of the body, moving within.  Until it fills your whole body and you can feel it radiating throughout the crown of your head and out the souls of your feet.

6. Become aware of the space around you, and feel into the crystals vibration spreading through the space.  Everytime you breathe in you breath into the crystals energy.  With every breath out just relaxing further and letting go, until you feel like you are floating on a high vibrating cloud of crystal energy.

7.  When you are ready slowly bring your awareness back into the physical body and back into the space.  Take a few moments to reawaken through the body.  Gently wiggle fingers and toes.  Then gently blink the eyes open letting the light slowly filter back in.  Take a deep cleansing breath in through the nose, and sigh it out through the mouth.




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