Crystal Water Bottles & how they work

Crystal infused water bottles. You might have seen them.  Beautiful glass water bottles with different crystals placed in the centre of them.  But how do these bottles work?  How can crystals infuse the water we drink and what benefits can it provide for our health and wellbeing?  We're looking at some of our favourite crystal bottles and how they work.


How does a Crystal Healing Water Bottle work?

Let's get right to it.  Crystals contain many healing properties for our physical health and mental wellbeing.  Each crystal offers different benefits, can make us feel rejuvenated, less anxious and uplift our mind and body. Now for the sciencey bit.. Molecular structure in water is said to adapt when in contact with something else.  The human body is made up of 70% water, and when we feel high states of emotion such as sadness or joy, this water reacts with our emotional energy in the form of tears.  We cry tears of joy, and we cry when we are sad. So a glass bottle with a crystal inside can of course be affected by the positive energy and vibrations of the stone inside.


Psychic Sisters Gemstone Infusion Water bottle in Rose Quartz

Benefits of a Crystal Water Bottle

  • Promotes the healing properties of your chosen crystal.  (Want to learn more about what each crystal does?  Check our A-Z Crystal Guide before you shop!)
  • Encourages you to drink more water and improves hydration levels.
  • Are environmentally friendly, helping you to reuse and reduce single use plastics.
  • Most bottles are even dishwasher friendly and detachable allowing you to wash all parts.
  • Beautiful eye catching designs and colours


Psychic Sisters Gemstone Infusion Water bottle in Citrine

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