Foods Your Body Will Love You For!

We all know our body needs a balanced diet to function at its best.  But what are some of the key foods to include that our body will thank us for?  From mood boosters, to superfoods and antioxidants these foods will help to give your body a boost in time for Spring!


Blueberries for Antioxidants

Brain boosting blueberries are a great source of antioxidants and Vitamin C.  Supporting skin health and blood vessel vitality these dark berries give us a supply of soluble fibre which aids in regulating blood sugar which keeps our digestive system happy!


Mushrooms for Vitamin D

High in Vitamin D and several of the B vitamins.  Mushrooms also add a punch of potassium, making them a delicious alternative in your meals.  Perfect for giving your mood a boost whilst we aren't getting much Vitamin D from the sun!


Avocados for a healthy heart

The healthy fat our body needs!  Avocados promote good heart health, help in stabilizing blood pressure and reduces our risk of cardiovascular diseases.  Also high in fibre and folic acid which keeps our digestion healthy and supports new blood cell reproduction.


Eggs for basic vitamins

Eggs are loaded with 12 of the basic vitamins our body needs to function.  Vitamins A, D, E, H, K, and the B Vitamins.  Eggs are key in building a healthy body.  High in protein and amino acids, eggs are a great food to help maintain healthy muscle mass, growth and repair.


Dark Chocolate to boost your mood

A piece of dark chocolate a day, keeps the bad mood away!  Choose a dark chocolate with a high quality cacao powder to receive maximum antioxidants and flavonoids which work to protect our brain health!  Dark Chocolate is also high in Iron, Magnesium and Copper which all help in the production of red blood cells, which flow round the body keeping us happy and healthy.


Beans for natural protein

The bean family offers us a variety of benefits as well as padding out our meals to perfection!  From a Heinz baked bean to a red kidney bean, they are a great source of protein and help support healthy muscle growth and repair.  Also high in fibre, iron and vitamins such as folate, making them a great all rounder in any dish.  They are also low in saturated fats making this a healthier option to keep you fuller for longer, fuelling you with more energy!

Here's a healthy recipe to get you started including the protein rich edamame bean in our Thai Red Curry Pho.


Salmon for an Omega-3 hit

A Salmon's skin provides the highest level of Omega 3 fatty acids in any fish.  Omega 3 is essential in our diets to support healthy bones and joints, and as our bodies can't naturally produce Omega 3, salmon is our go to source!  These fatty acids help to reduce our risk of heart and other cardiovascular diseases.  Also high in protein, potassium and B Vitamins 1 through 12.


For more delicious, healthy foods and recipes to inspire you, head over to our YouTube channel to find our delicious tutorials!

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