Getting plenty of fresh air as autumn turns to winter

All of a sudden, the air is cold, the mornings are dewy and the nights fall dark in the blink of an eye, but with that comes a lot of temptation to curl up and stay indoors. We can easily slump into the comfort of our living rooms and set up camp on our couches instead of making the most of the freshness that this season brings. But, the importance of fresh air has never been more important as these changes can play havoc with our immunity, our wellbeing and, naturally, our mood. Not only this, but of course, in the past eighteen months or so, we have had the importance of fresh air instilled in us to stop viruses spreading and keep ourselves safe and healthy.

This point of view is of course taking that into account, but primarily thinking of a more spiritual and allround wellness standpoint. The fundamental importance of looking after ourselves from within is more paramount now than ever before and spending just a little bit longer in the great outdoors could be key to changing the outcome of any day.

There are some simple ways to maximise our time in nature as autumn turns to winter and, trust me, no matter how hard it may seem, even just a few minutes out in the chill of the autumn air can lift spirits - after the initial phase of moaning about the cold and eventually thawing out at least! 

Understandably, after the lockdowns and hardships we’ve all faced recently it’s a challenge to keep on thinking of creative ways to busy ourselves outdoors but it can take just a few simple switches to reap the benefits of the fresh wintery air. 

Why not think about parking a little further away from wherever you’re heading and add to your step count that way? You could take a coffee to go and head for a wintery wander around a local park or support local shops by doing some festive shopping in the centre of town.

If you’re already clocking the miles on your step count, why not simply switch up sitting inside a coffee shop to make the most of the gardens and outdoor areas that were carefully created when forced to during the lockdowns? Our gardens and the lovely local green spaces shouldn’t be reserved for the summer sunshine and warm days.

The freshness of the air is not only good for our spirits, but our bodies will feel the benefits too right through from our soul to our skin. Pop on an extra layer and bear this in mind when making plans to meet up with friends and family this winter.


By Lauren Loudon

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