Our Top 5 Goal Setting Products to start your year off right!

Hi! It’s me again! Here at Live Well, for the whole month of January, we’ve got a sale on selected goal-setting products to help you set your intentions and goals for the year! So, here’s a list of specially selected products to help start your year off right!

Daily Goals and Wellness Planner - Paperback - £16.99

This eco-friendly planner from Note and Shine is meant to be filled in at night, ready for the next day! Write down your thoughts or concerns and go to bed with a much clearer head and a calm mind! It also includes a to-do list and morning checklist to keep your days organised!

Weekly Goals and Wellness Planner - Paperback - £18.99

This Weekly Goals and Wellness Planner, does what it says in the tin! It’s perfect for noting down your daily goals and gratitude notes. It comes undated, so you can start at a time that suits you and also includes healthy meals and self-care prompts! 

Recycled Plain Paper Mini Pocket Notebook - £4.99

 This Recycled Pocket Notebook by Vent for Change will make for a cute and eco-friendly addition to your stationery set! It’s made from 100% recycled paper and it’s portable size makes it great for writing on the go! 

Self Love Journal - £24.99

Make 2022 the year of putting YOU first, with help from this Self Love Journal! Available in either paperback or hardback, it consists of self-care prompts, space to plan nutritious meals and pages to set activities for self-growth!

Manifestation Journal - Paperback - £16.99

Speak (or in this case, write ) things into existence with this Manifestation Journal! Printed with vegetable ink, it’s eco-friendly, comes undated and contains five key manifestation techniques to help you make your hopes and dreams a reality in this new year!


By Ife Lawrence 

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