How do yes no questions work in tarot?

How do yes no questions work in tarot?

Sometimes ask you need is a simple yes or no. Tarot doesn’t have to be super complex, and although the cards all have so much meaning you could probably talk for an hour on each card, sometimes it's just as satisfying to have just a yes or no.

Firstly things first. You need to take the time to clear your space both physically where you are to pull the card and in your head. A messy mind can create a bit of a fuzzy reading and that’s not what you want. For yes or no readings you need as much clarity as you can. It's important to take your time shuffling the cards and really focus on your question. Repeat it over and over as many times asa you want. Ask the guides to show you the answer when you are ready. Cut the cards (or don’t, you don’t have to) And pull out the card!

Next bit is also equally important, before you reach for the guidebook or google anything take the time to notice your initial reaction to the card, does it feel like a yes or a no already? Next if it does feel like a yes or no, note down how that result made you FEEL. Usually without even looking anything up at this point you’ll be able to tell what the best answer is as you’ll already feel it.

Once you’ve taken to the time to notice your initial reactions and true feeling to each answer now it's time to look at the guidebook. Pre warning though depending on the nature of your question the same card could be a yes or a no or even an undetermined answer. Remember that what may be a yes in a reading associated with work may end up being a no in a reading to do with love. Most important guidance, trust your intuition as it never fails you.

Now to the actual looking it up, make sure you’ve been as specific as you can with looking it up, so if you are using google literally type the card and ‘is this a yes no card related to …(whatever your question is) Hopefully you get the answer you want but it's important to delve into your feelings in both senses and try and really understand your emotional reaction to the yes or no.

Hope this helps you moving forward with yes or no readings and you get all the wonderful guidance you need!

By the girl and the cards

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