How to manifest everything you want in 2022

What a magic art manifesting is! The best thing about it? EVERYONE can do ! The word manifesting is so accepted and welcomed in todays world which brings me so much happiness. Based on the concept of willing what you want into existence and the law of attraction manifesting is common practice for millions of people round the world.

 There are a few ways to manifest. As its a personal thing for each of us i’m going to show you a few ways to do it and trust your intuition as to which one feels right for you. Try them all if you like!

Firstly lets look at a few things that are helpful to any manifestation method.

Be clear with what you want. You don’t need to go into huge detail right off the bat but to start with, instead of thinking. I will make a million pounds, try something like ‘ my business will bring me an abundance of money’


Remember also the importance of speaking in terms that give no wiggle room, so don’t write I want, write I will.


The options you have for manifestation can be as simple as thinking your dreams into fruition. Repeating affirmations is a good way to start but you also have the option to write them down as well. Its important to remember that this is personal to you. Do what feels good for you. For me personally I like to have a handful of affirmations that I write down and also a more detailed description of how my life would be written in my journal.


Whether its written down or not try take into account your FEELINGS! Its one thing to think about what you think will make you happy but the next step is to spend some time thinking about how you would really FEEL with each of the things you are trying to manifest. Think about how you think it would affect your life and the feelings associated with that.


Next is something that I believe comes hand in hadn’t with manifestation and that’s gratitude, being grateful for where you are currently in life is a great energy to put out into the universe but also to show that you are appreciative but also have space for you to grow. The entire universe is made of energy so putting good energy out into it is important to get good energy back. Expressing gratitude and sending positive vibes into the universe help bring all that you are manifesting right to you. A nice ritual is to write a gratitude journal, no matter how big or small wrote something you are grateful for when you wake up and when you go to sleep I like to write next to that ‘thank you’


Last thing to note is signs from the universe, don’t be afraid to believe the unbelievable. If you are sticking to your manifesting routine and you think you see signs in any form from the universe that you are on track, take them! You may see signs in the form of angel numbers or even something simple like a feather or something that pops up as you walk by. Trust the process!


So a quick recap in short if you can do these things you’re well on your way to manifesting your dreams!


  • Write down or repeat internally affirmations about what you desire
  • Write or think it as if its a given
  • Be clear on what you want
  • Go into depth somewhere about exactly what you want
  • Think about your FEELINGS about it all
  • Express gratitude
  • Take note of signs
  • Enjoy your beautiful life!


 By Lauren Rose 

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