Labradorite: The stone of magic and enchantment

Labradorite is a truly beautiful stone that reminds us that magic really does exist.  

Labradorite: Appearance

Labradorite is beautifully iridescent with vivid flashes of purple, blue, green, gold and orange running through it.  

Healing the mind

This crystal is known as the ‘bringer of light’.  Helping to illuminate our spiritual path, and remind us of our personal power and journey to enlightenment.  It helps to dispel darkness and negativity from our minds allowing us to connect to our higher self.  It also allows us to focus on our own personal problems without being influenced by society and external sources.  Labradorite can protect us and create a shield of light around our aura. 

Healing the body

This crystal helps to heal our unconscious thought patterns which cause us harm.  Bringing balance to our emotional states.  This is a stone that works in healing the mind, allowing us to separate ourselves from the thoughts and recognise them for what they truly are.

Healing the chakras

Labradorite can be used in conjunction with the throat chakra and the third eye chakra.  Helping us to speak our truth, be our authentic selves and to deepen our connection with divine essence of the world around you.  

This crystal is perfect to wear as a personal talisman to remind you the real meaning of life lies in the hidden magic of everyday things.


Written by Donna Edwards

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