Low Calorie Ice Creams That Actually Taste Amazing

Not all sweet treats, have to be bad for us!  Life is about balance, and sometimes we want to indulge in our favourite treats without the guilt.  You don't have to throw your diet out the window this time!  This is our run down of low calorie ice creams.  All the great flavour, with hardly any of the calories. 

Ben & Jerrys Moo-phoria, Chocolate Milk & Cookies

Calories: 140 Calories (per half cup)

Our favourite ice cream comes in low calorie form, great news for Ben & Jerry lovers!  Chocolate and Vanilla Ice Cream with chocolate chip cookie pieces.  The perfect indulgent treat at 50% less fat than similar ice creams.  That means you can have a double portion we'd say..


Halo Top, Birthday Cake

Calories: 280 Calories (per pot)

The low calorie ice cream of dreams.  In sweet birthday cake flavour, it has chewy cake pieces inside making it taste as good as it looks.  You really can have your cake and eat it too with this low calorie ice cream.

Alpro 360, Chocolate

Calories: 360 Calories (per pot)

A dairy free option if you're vegan or lactose intolerant but still after great tasting low calorie ice cream.  A creamy, thick texture, this plant based soya ice cream makes sure you don't miss out on any of the goodness!

Asda Peanut Butter Ice Cream

Calories: 177 (per half tub)

Asda's own brand giving you that punchy peanut butter flavour with only 177 calories per half tub.  A cheaper alternative to other big branded ice creams, but still with the same great taste and flavour.

Solero Exotic Ice Cream

Calories: 98 (per lolly)

Combining that zesty sorbet flavour with a creamy velvet vanilla ice cream.  At only 98 calories per lolly, this is a treat you don't have to save until the summer months to enjoy! 

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