Malachite: For growth and abundance

Malachite: For growth and abundance

Malachite can bring harmony and balance to the heart space.  It can be used for enhancing personal growth and welcoming abundance into your life.

Malachite: Appearance

Malachite is green in colour. Containing different circular bands, and concentric eye patterns which make it unique, different, and easily recognisable from other green crystals.

Healing the mind

Malachite can be used to clear emotional confusion and stress.  It also allows us to live in harmony with our emotions and the outside world, avoiding suppressing our feelings and expressing our thoughts freely.  It promotes a growth mindset, pushing us to take action and keep moving forwards whilst staying true to ourselves.  It also helps us to attract and accept abundance into our lives.  Acknowledging our worth and gratitude for receiving. 

Healing the body

Malachite helps to restore vitality and strength into the body, especially after illness.  It helps to release and remove toxins, and can also be an effective pain reliever.  You can use this crystal for healing by placing it over any area that has pain or tension.

Healing the chakras

This crystal works in conjunction with the heart chakra.  Helping to heal and promote balance in this energy centre so we can live our lives from a space of love and purpose.  Allowing us to be compassionate, kind, and remain positive even when we aren’t feeling at our best.


Written by Donna Edwards

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