Malachite for New Year Manifestations

New Year is the perfect time to focus on manifesting the things you desire for the year ahead.  Manifestation is using the power of our thoughts, actions and intention to bring what we want into our lives.  By getting clear on our desire, we can set our intention for what it is we want, use positive thinking to believe it is coming, and take action to make sure we are doing everything we can to bring ourselves in alignment with it.  Find out what else Malachite is useful for below!

Malachite Appearance

Malachite is a green crystal which can contain black and white markings in circular patterns and formations.

Malachite for Manifestation

Malachite is the perfect crystal to use for manifesting in three key areas of life including; relationships, abundance and wealth.  It increases feelings of positivity and motivation making you feel more productive to go out there a grab your goals by the horns!  It will help to release you from the negative things that hold you back and keep your manifestations from coming to life.  It helps you to let go and believe that you are worthy and deserving of all that you desire in this life!

Healing the mind

This crystal is a stone of protection, helping you not to be consumed by your emotions or negativity.  It promotes feeling of courage and determination to succeed.  It also allows you to be honest and speak truth from your heart as it resonates with the frequency of the heart chakra.  Allowing you to see the good in everything and not be pulled down by those things that don’t serve you.

Healing the body

Malachite relieves stress, pain and reduces blood pressure.  It is also known to improve bone strength, and can help speed up any kind of bone injury through healing.  It is also a common stone to be used during childbirth as it can help reduce muscle contraction and pain associated with labour.


By Donna Edwards

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