Positivity Boost: Crystals to prevent negative thinking

Our minds can so often feel the heaviness of negative thinking.  Being overwhelmed by daily stressors, drifting into thoughts of the past, or worrying about what's to come in the future.  It's hard for any of us to stay positive all the time.  Feeling a little down is all part of life, but when things are feeling dark and you just need a little positivity boost, these are the crystals you can turn to.  These crystals help to prevent negative thinking, uplifting your mood and mindset.

The Studio Healing Crystal Set for Positive Guidance


Moonstone bares a positive effect on our relationships with ourselves and others.  They say you are the cultivation of energy that you spend the most time around.  So if you are constantly with people who drain your energy, then guess what?  That's how you will end up feeling.  But by spending time with the people and the relationships that bring you joy and fulfilment you can live a more positive life.  Moonstone helps promote healthy loving relationships and connections.  It is also a nurturing stone, promoting inner healing of the soul, and balancing emotional energies.  Helping you to feel calm, peaceful and positive!


Jade brings feelings of peace and happiness, helping everything to flow with effortless ease.  It cleanses the mind of feelings of self hatred and negativity, making you see yourself in a more positive light.  Often our perception of how we feel on the inside is reflected in the world around us.  By improving our relationship with ourselves it can inspire us to see the world in a more positive light.  Jade presents harmony and happiness within our business and career goals. 

Red Tigers Eye

Red Tigers Eye is a stone that boosts feelings of motivation and inspiration.  All we need in life is a little bit of hope, and with hope comes renewed feelings of positivity.  Helping you to move past the mental barriers and limitations of the mind, and become the highest happiest version of you.  This crystal also works as a way to calm the mind from the chaos of a busy hectic life.  Promoting feelings of harmony, centring yourself and being content.

Take a positivity boost everywhere you go with your very own healing crystal set.  The perfect gift for yourself or anyone needing some positive guidance.




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