Simple spell for a great week

Simple spell for a great week

We all know the looming feeling of an impending Monday. There may be nothing we can do to stop Monday coming but there is a very cute little spell and affirmation we can do to ease in a happy week.


Items you’ll need

  • A rose quartz, this can be in its natural form, a rose quartz piece of jewellery or any other item including a piece of rose quartz.
  • A mirror handheld is a little easier as it needs to be a bit portable.
  • A pink Candle

*   Sage ( optional )

As with every ritual it’s important to start in a quiet safe space with no distractions. A great excuse for time away from your partner or kids if you ask me ;) To prepare your space you can light some sage if you have some to cleanse the space. This is called smudging. Lighting sage can be done whether a spell is preceding or not to cleanse the energy.

First thing is to place the mirror in front of you, then the candle in front of the mirror.

Hold the rose quartz item in your hand and light the candle in front of you. 

Say this affirmation:

‘ Beautiful reflected light’

‘ Bring me peace this night’

‘ Set my heart and mind free’

‘ Fill this week with love and harmony’

Excuse this week's witchy rhyme but I've really gone deep into my witchy world this winter season!

Next take some time to look past the flame into the mirror and watch the negative energies being released. I like to express gratitude for this magic before letting the candle burn for a few minutes then blowing it out.

This is a great spell to do on a Sunday evening before bed . A pink candle is used as its a gentle colour known for love but a softer colour than red to ease in the beauty softly. 

The rose quartz is also a very powerful crystal to bring in harmony.


by the girl and the cards 

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