The benefits of Yoga in a modern world

The benefits of Yoga in a modern world

It’s not news to anyone that our modern world is becoming increasingly more demanding to live in.  With longer working hours, less boundaries between our work and home lives and an increase in stress and lack of connection post pandemic.  We need Yoga now more than ever.  Its purpose, power and philosophy can teach us so much about ourselves and our lives.  So, what is so special about yoga and how can it help us thrive in a modern world? 

Yoga isn't anything new.  It’s been practiced for thousands of years not only as a physical movement but as a lifestyle.  The first written texts on Yoga ‘The Yoga Sutras’ were written by Patanjali over 2,500 years ago.  In this text it is explained that yoga is used to calm and still the mind.  Now when our minds are busier than ever, these texts have wisdom to take us beyond our physical practice on our mat.  Yoga is a state of mind, and the physical postures are just a form of vessel to carry us there.  


For our mind, yoga teaches us to remain present.  So much of our lives we spend projecting into the future or getting lost in the past.  How often in our days are we actually completely present in what we are doing?  It's easy to find ourselves drifting from thought to thought and not actually focusing on the task at hand.  Through the practice of yoga, we can find our way back to the present by focusing on the breath.  Try this quick 30 second practice now.

Quick Practice: Stop what you are doing.  Take a deep, full breath in through your nose, and a deep full breath out the mouth.  Focus on only the breath for the next 30 seconds.  See if you can notice the breath as it moves in and out, and notice any sensations within the body.  


With all the added stress and business in our days, our bodies become tight, stiff and we suffer from more medical issues and illnesses now more than ever.  Stress can manifest in our bodies in many ways, and it’s important to counterbalance this stress with things that make us feel good and help us to release.  With more people working longer hours, behind desks or doing physically demanding jobs our bodies are feeling it.  Looking after ourselves now is key to a healthy future.  Yoga helps us to focus on maintaining mobility, movement and muscle.  


Not only does Yoga benefit our physical and mental state, but it can help us to live our lives as better people.  It allows us to gain understanding beyond our own perspective and see the bigger picture.  To live more compassionately, to practice kindness, and release our control and go with the flow of life instead.  It brings us long term rewards in our health and wellbeing, and connects us with a community of like minded souls.  You don’t have to be the best or the most flexible.  It is an endless journey with no end goal.  Allowing you the freedom to explore your own body and capabilities with no pressure of achievement.  

Yoga is for the mind, the body, and the soul.  Come home to yourself after a busy day living in the modern world.

Written by Donna Edwards

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