The Best Vegan sweets for trick or treating this Halloween!

The Vegan scene has come a long way, and this Halloween we don’t want our Vegan trick or treaters to miss out!  So, here’s our selection of top vegan friendly sweets, perfect for dishing out when you hear that knock on the door this Sunday.  BOO!

Candy Kittens

A vegan sweet we all know and love, and now they come in small travel size pouches.  Perfect for giving out this Halloween.  With flavours from watermelon, mango and strawberry!



Bet you didn’t expect to see some classic sweetie favourites on this list did you?  But that’s right, Skittles are vegan!  All the colours of the rainbow in one little bag that makes everyone happy.  Perfect to discreetly give out vegan sweets whilst still giving a well-loved brand kids know and love!


Another favourite from our childhood, using natural fruit juices Starburst are animal product free.  Dish out full packs or individual sweets.  Green was always the best colour, anyone else agree?


The tasty treat with millions to eat!  Small half size packets in a multi bag of flavours, a sweet that’s loved by well...millions.


Love Hearts


Now no one needs to be left out of feeling the love because classic valentine favourites Love hearts are vegan! There mini packets are the perfect Halloween treat for plant-based lovers who love a bit of positivity and like to share the love.  Who said Halloween had to be all doom and gloom?

Happy Halloween!

Written by Donna Edwards

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