The November Beaver Full Moon - What's it all about?

The November Beaver Full Moon

Firstly why an earth is this full moon called the beaver full moon? Well it's actually not as complex as you might think. It really is to do with beavers. This time of year is actually the only time to be able to set the beaver traps in the US before the swamps freeze, it's also the same time the beavers are start preparing for winter. It's also sometimes known as the frosty moon as its the last moon before the real cold tends to settle in.

The beaver full moon is also going to be a partial lunar eclipse. During this time the moon will likely turn a reddish colour as the earth will, cover almost all of the moon. 

As for astrology this full moon is in the sign of taurus. A full moon in taurus is all about aligning our values and finding peace in chaos. This paired with the lunar eclipse is coming to show us our real values and guiding us to understand what are real values are. During this chaotic time around the world harnessing the powerful of the energy is a wonderful asset to have. 

As with any full moon this is the best time to charge everything under the moonlight. Whether it's your crystals or tarot cards leaving them out overnight to absorb all the beautiful energy from the moon recharges all their magical properties. This means when you wake up the next day all your crystals will be at their maximum power.

Another good activity for this full moon is a meditation. This means taking some time to think about what we would like to release, asking for guidance to shine on anything we need to release and anything we seek resolution for.


By the girl and the cards 

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