Therapeutic activities to calm and clear your mind

Need a break?  Taking time out of your day for some self care is crucial to our wellbeing.  Whether we are feeling stressed, down, or overwhelmed, taking an hour to ourselves can help us back to a clear mind.  A mindful activity allows us to get some clarity, peace, and helps us to feel relaxed.  However you choose to relax, here's a few top picks of our favourite therapeutic activities.  Perfect for when you just need some YOU time!

Kintsugi Repair Kit

Celebrate imperfections by repairing your own ceramics with gold!  Kintsugi is the Japanese art of repairing something that is broken, and fixing it with a gold glue.  Piecing it back together, therefore making it more beautiful than it was before.  This kit can help you create your own mindful craft projects.  Encouraging you to appreciate life's imperfections and to see them in a new light.  Just because something is broken doesn't mean its worthless, and that's something we can apply with our mindset towards ourselves and others.  The kit includes two bowls for you to practice on but plenty of materials for repairing your own items.

Got something you want to fix up?  Get your Kintsugi Repair Kit HERE.


Psychic Sisters Jade Facial Roller

Promote self care and focus on yourself with the benefits of a crystal facial roller.  Our Psychic Sisters Facial Roller in Jade is a dual ended roller designed to decrease under eye and facial puffiness.  The soothing crystal glides over skin providing a massage to the face and neck.  Self massage helps to improve skin firmness and elasticity.  Stimulates blood flow and helps to clear toxins, keeping energy circulating around the facial area.  Jade crystal has a calming effect on the mind and body, which makes it perfect for irritated skin, helping to reduce redness.

Roll your way to better skin find the range of Psychic Sisters Products HERE.



Calm Club Piece by Piece Jigsaw

Is there anything more mindful than sitting down and spending some time piecing a puzzle together. Giving something our focus and attention to work out the problem, helps us to practice patience and presence. The Calm Club Piece by Piece Jigsaw is designed to distract and relax giving you time to calm your mind.  The 500 piece puzzle is the perfect size to keep you busy.  Keep pieces safe in the reusable draw string bag, which includes the completed picture for reference.  Celebrate the journey as each piece comes together and feel the satisfaction of fitting that final piece. SHOP HERE.


Stress Relief Colouring Therapy Book

The art of mindfulness is to inspire, unite and create!  The Studio's stress relief colouring book was therefore designed with you in mind.  To give you chance to de stress and indulge in a creative activity we often reserve for children.  However, colouring is so much more than keeping between the lines.  As it promotes a sense of focus, presence and calm.  Clear your mind of worries and anxiety as you immerse yourself in a world of colour.  Colouring designs come from easy to intricate and pencils are provided to get you started.


Colour your way to calm and clear your mind.  Get your Colouring Therapy fix HERE.

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