Time for a self care day? Tips to make the most of time alone

We all have our ups and downs and no matter how well our life may be going at work, in relationships or with family everyone needs a day to themselves every once in a while. We are all guilty of being distracted and not prioritising ourselves but if you manage to find a free day just for you here is a little guide to elevate your day.

Start the day right

You may have heard this before but the first things you do when you wake up are very important to get the day going right. Staying away from checking your phone straight away, by checking your phone straight away what you are doing is prioritising other peoples needs before your own. The best way to start a self care day for many people is by taking some time to think about yourself and your own needs. Great ways to do that are meditating, writing intentions for the day, gratitude journalling and repeating mantras. I personally like to write a gratitude journal, I have a special place where I live I like to sit after I wake up, write in my journal the things I am grateful for that day. I like to keep my crystals around me at this point. Especially rose quartz as that radiates love, amethyst as it is thought to bring peace and citrine as it is an amazing stone for manifestation.

Why is the space in your home so important?

Clear space, clear head. If you are feeling stressed or overwhelmed outside your home you won’t do yourself any favours coming home to a messy place. Do your best to clear some space somewhere at home to be able to close your eyes, run a bath and make the bathroom clear to relax. Our mind and bodies are also very sensitive to all the senses so any easy way to find your peace at home is with oil diffusers and incense. Having a nice smell surrounding you while meditating aids to clear the mind. If you have trouble meditating its also a handy trick to focus only on what you can smell to banish out all other thoughts.

3 easy things to carry on from you're self care into everyday life

Drink water! - It may seem obvious but there are a lot of benefits to regularly drinking water other than the basic hydration. You may not realise but your brain is actually heavily impacted by your hydration levels. Being hydrated improves physical ability and concentration. Even better if you have a crystal infused water bottle.

Listen to your body- Your body is a miraculous thing and sometimes when we get caught up in life stresses we forget to listen to our body. Just as a headache can show you you are dehydrated , all parts of your body can teach you things. Sore feet? Maybe being on your feet all day in heels is damaging them? Being in tune to your body is so important.

Move your body- You don’t have to run 10k every day but our bodies need a little movement to get the circulation going, help us to improve cardiac function and prevent disease. Just going for a little walk out in nature or letting your hair down for a dance in your living room is a great way to stress relieve and keep your body active.

by the girl and the cards

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