What to expect from LEO SEASON!

The sun has entered into the zodiac of Leo, welcoming us into Leo Season!  This season will help us to step into our confidence and inner wisdom.  Helping us to live more playful, passionate lives, and deepening our awareness to where we are on our spiritual journey.  So, here’s what else you can expect throughout the rest of the season.

For the next 4 weeks we have the playful, daring energy of the lion to help us step up into our highest potential.  Leo asks us to step forward into courage, to stay true and lead with our hearts.  This season will help guide you into connecting with what you love about life, and it’s time to step back and really enjoy it!  With all the attention being on the heart this month, this season will also help to improve your relationship with the self.  Learning to accept yourself for who you are from your flaws and imperfections to your strengths.  Giving yourself some much needed compassion and kindness.  

The question to really ask yourself this month is ‘who am I and who do I want to be?’ Imagine your highest self and how they would show up every day.  Take a few moments to sit quietly and really imagine how it feels to be the person you want to be.  What would they wear?  How do they spend their time?  How do they speak?  

It's time to find the courage and start showing up as that person.  Even when we are feeling vulnerable, that is often the part that is most special and loveable about us.  So don’t shy away from your shadow side, bring it forward into the light with an open heart.  

Practice these mantras everyday throughout Leo season to boost your inner confidence and self-belief.  Repeat them morning or night, or keep them written down somewhere you can see them every day such as a mirror, or computer desk.  Get ready to step into your highest power.

Mantras for Leo Season

  • I am strong
  • I accept, appreciate and approve of myself
  • I allow my heart to lead me
  • I celebrate the life I've created

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