What To Expect In Gemini Season

With a few weeks left before we enter Cancer Season, we're looking at what we can expect from the rest of the Gemini Season.  Each month as the sun moves into a different sign of the zodiac, it brings a new energy attributed to that sign.  Gemini season runs from May 20th until June 21st.  So what can we expect from the final few weeks in Gemini?



Gemini Season

This season brings with it a sense of adventure, newness and fresh perspective and creativity.  The perfect energy to be starting our summer with!  So what should we be looking out for?


Trust your instincts and find your inspiration

For the final few weeks of Gemini season our minds are being cleared and presented with a new perspective.  This is the perfect energy to be envisioning your goals and dreams for the months ahead.  Feeling refreshed and energised you will have new found motivation and feel inspired to start new projects and tasks.  However, Gemini energy brings a feeling of being easily distracted and needing constant stimulation.  So focus your energy in smaller bursts to maximise you creative potential.


Avoid overthinking

Try not to let your brain takeover and ruminate on negativity.  During this season we can suffer from extra anxious thoughts, mood swings and feeling stuck or restless.  With these energy shifts happening within the body, its important to stay on top of it.  Try incorporating a meditation or yoga practice into your daily routine.  Stay present and observe the thoughts without creating attachment.  Allow yourself to flow with what the universe throws at you instead of trying to control them.


Be creative

Use this time to express yourself and find creative freedom!  Explore new avenues through journaling or just noting down thoughts and ideas when you are on the go.  Finding new ways to create will stimulate your mind keeping you feeling excited and explorative.  The Gemini energy helps to increase the creative spark within you, so follow it to where it takes you!




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