Sandy Leaf Farm

Big Bubble Tea Kit


Bubble tea is addictive, we get it. With this kit you can make your own from scratch, using absolutely no pre-made powders or additives.

Brew up a taste of Asia in your own home with our unique bubble tea kit.

We fell in love with this amazing drink when living in China, but when we came back to the UK we found bubble tea was really hard to get hold of. When you can find it, it's usually expensive and made using lots of additives and artificial flavourings.

The recipes underwent months of testing until we had it down to an easy-to-follow and virtually foolproof recipe. We've even premeasured out all the ingredients for you, it couldn't be simpler.

You'll be able to make eight big batches of bubble tea using the kit.

The kit makes an amazing Christmas gift or Secret Santa Gift and has a best before date in the middle of next year.

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