The benefits of crystals can be paramount to our wellbeing.  But which crystal does what?  With so many different, colours, shapes, sizes, meanings, it can be hard to know where to start.  So here’s our run down of popular crystals and how they work.  Remember though, if you feel drawn to a crystals appearance or the feel of a certain crystal, listen!  That crystal has something to teach you!




The master of crystals

Amethyst is a member of the Quartz family, varying in colour from pale to deep purple.  Amethyst is a great all round crystal.  Known as one of the master crystals, it is a powerful protective stone and helps to protect against negativity.  It is a healing crystal, and an effective healer to most conditions, and can be placed over painful areas.  Especially useful to have nearby during meditation as this stone helps to connect us to our crown chakra.  Emotionally soothing, it can also help to balance mood swings and irritability, clears anxiety and sadness and promotes peace and calm.


Rose Quartz

The ultimate stone of love

Rose Quartz is known for its soft pink tones.  Transmitting a soft and loving energy.  Rose Quartz reminds us that love is the most important thing.  To love ourselves and others and act from a place of compassion and kindness.  This crystal supports self love, blossoming new friendships and finding love.  It soothes and calms the emotional body, and provides a ray of hope during stressful situations.



A stone of peace and tranquillity

Jade can come in many colours.  Most commonly green, but it can also be blue, black, red, purple or white.  Green Jade brings a sense of peacefulness.  Instilling wisdom and ease.  It helps to clear feelings of self loathing and creates stability within the personality.  Jade is also know to be a stone of abundance, perfect for bringing in wealth and feelings of security.  Keep this stone around when working on manifesting things into your life.



Boosts confidence and increases personal power

Citrine is warm and sunny yellow/orange in colour.  This stone works with the Solar Plexus Chakra in bringing our personal power to the surface.  It helps to banish negativity, depression and sadness and keeps you feeling energised.  It is also believed to attract abundance and prosperity into your life.



A stone of mystery, discovery and insight

Moonstone is a soft blue/white in shade.  Moonstone represents the divine feminine of creation, and reminds us of the moon.  It can be associated with fertility, flow and progression.  Helping to develop intuition and emotional understanding.  It is nurturing to the soul and heals our inner energy systems bringing us harmony and balance.  Moonstone can also help with a peaceful nights sleep.



A stone of magical enchantment

Labradorite is known for its stunning iridescence, containing violet, blue, green, gold and orange.  Labradorite reminds us anything is possible.  It encourages us to reach for the stars and dream big.  It helps to stimulate mental activity whilst calming anxiety and stress.  A stone of protection, it helps to ward off negative energy, and releases our insecurities and fears.


Tigers Eye

Aids clarity of perception and creativity

Tigers Eye has bands of yellow/brown to golden colours stretched around it.  Tigers Eye is used as a protective stone against evil.  It also helps to improve self worth and personal creativity.  Helping to clear energy blockages within the body, it helps to bring harmony from within.  Tigers Eye helps you to find balance through resolving any inner and outer conflict.



Boosts self esteem and will power

Dark in colour, often found covered in rust giving it a reddish/brown tone.  Hematite helps to ground and protect us.  Providing us with courage, strength and endurance.  It can also help to ward of negativity and guide us in overcoming compulsions, addictions and other forms of overindulgence.



Stone of harmony and protection

An opaque stone varying in green or blue shades.  This stone is soothing to the nervous system, and brings the body back into alignment.  Amazonite helps to strengthen self identity and feelings of personal power.  Helping you to feel more confident and able to speak your truth.


Moss Agate

Stability, strength and perseverance 

Moss Agate us translucent with visible green minerals giving it a tree like appearance.  It is a beneficial stone because it contains the energy of the earth.  Helping us to feel grounded and connected.  It reconnects us back to the earth, bringing stability to any situation.  Moss Agate supports productivity, growth and regeneration.


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