How to ease back into normality

Brighter days are ahead and its only getting better!  With the re-opening of pubs, shops and gyms, life is starting to get back to some level of normality.  It’s great that we can start spending more time in our favourite places with our favourite people once again.  But how do we make sure to ease ourselves back into normality without hitting burnout straight away?  These are our top tips on making normal feel easy again, without the stress!



You don’t have to say yes to everything

Yes that’s right, you are still allowed to say no.  It can be overwhelming to go from having hardly any social contact for months to suddenly having a diary full of dates, times, and places you need to be.  As great as it is to be able to spend time with our friends and make plans again, we still need to make sure we are filling up our own cup first.  Schedule in time for self care, times you can be by yourself and restore your energy levels.  You can’t give energy to others if you don’t have any for yourself.



Prioritise what’s important to you.  Whether that’s getting in your gym session, an evening in with the family or a daily walk.  If you are back at work and facing a packed schedule, make sure you make time for the things that make you happy.  If lockdown taught us anything, its what makes us happy, and to slow down and enjoy a slower paced life.  If you can’t keep the slowness and you have to pick the pace back up in normality, then keep holding on to the things you discovered that bring you real joy.


Don’t forget to rest

A busier schedule doesn’t mean we cram more into the day and run off less sleep.  Keep to a regular sleep schedule and try not to break it.  Your body will appreciate the extra rest, especially as it re adapts to the physical fast paced world we live in.  Whether its a few minutes to sit down with a cup of tea, an afternoon nap or just an early night.  Get enough rest to keep your energy levels maintained.



Feel like you’ve saved up over lockdown?  It can be tempting to get out and go on a wild spending spree!  Brunches, shopping trips, evening meals out.  All these simple pleasures that we survived without for so long.  But be smart about your spending.  Budget a certain amount for ‘going out’.  You don’t want to see yourself in debt for getting a little over excited with your bank card.  Budgeting helps us to be smart with our money.


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