Nutrition for Retrograde; What should I eat?

Retrograde can wreak havoc with your mind and your body.  It can be the perfect time to look after yourself from the inside and out.   A detox can help to clean the slate shall we say.  To help your body back to a neutral healthy state.  By consuming foods which connect us back to the Earth, it can help us to stay grounded and rooted in the physical world.  Especially whilst there is so much turmoil going on in the skies!  So lets get into the nutrition we should be fuelling our bodies with during Retrograde season.



Retrograde can make us crave sugary snacks and treats as we experience the stress and rollercoaster of emotions that can happen during this time.  During stressful moments, it can be easy to reach for something as a distraction, or that will give you a quick hit of energy.  But these things often make our energy quickly crash back down making us feel worse than we did before.


Foods to Favour during Retrograde

Retrograde can send our heads into a spin.  Technology plays up, we can’t make a decision and we struggle to communicate ourselves clearly.  By consuming foods which come from the earth itself we can help increase our connection, helping us to ground us into the present.  The best foods you should be including in your diet during retrograde are;

  • Fresh fruit
  • Vegetables
  • Seeds
  • Nuts
  • Legumes
  • Pulses & Beans

These foods will help to provide a balanced and grounded diet.  Help to regulate hormones and keep mood swings to a minimum.  Eating fresh and organic foods which promote natural goodness and vitality.  Avoid eating heavily processed foods, with added sugars, additives, and unnatural ingredients.  This can encourage fluctuations in the moods, and spike energy levels at different times of the day which can play with our general mindset.


Understand your nutrition for retrograde but don’t actually know what it’s all about?  What is Retrograde season?  Find out the important dates you need to remember this year and the things you should and shouldn’t be doing in our latest blog What is Retrograde Season?

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