Packing the perfect gym bag

We’re back to our favourite gyms, workouts and yoga classes!  It’s been a while, and if you are feeling a little bit out of routine, we’re helping you to pack the perfect gym bag with some of our fitness favourites!



Reusable water bottle

The key to a good workout, is hydration.  Replacing lost water and salts from sweating.  The first item in your gym bag should be an eco friendly water bottle.  We love our Time to Drink bottle!  Reminding you to stay hydrated throughout the day, you won’t forget with the bottles motivational reminders.  Remember to drink more during and after workouts, so keep refilling this 850ml bottle is the perfect size.  Use the handle to attach it to your bag for easy access whenever you need it!


Yoga Stretch Mat

You don’t have to be a yogi to need a good yoga mat.  Warming up and cooling down before and after a workout session offers loads of benefits to our bodies functionality.  Helping to increase mobility, prevent injury, improve flexibility and even help reduce muscle soreness the following day.  So roll up your mat and get it packed into your gym bag, and don’t skip out on those stretches!  The fable yoga mats offer a padded surface to help protect joints and create the perfect surface for stretching.  Non slip grip technology helps you to stay steady and stable giving you a professional quality mat to perfect your practice.


Post Exercise Muscle Rub

Session finished?  Don’t neglect your muscles once the workout is over. The Oil Hut Post Exercise Muscle Rub is a 100% natural oil which helps prevent stiffness. It helps to cool and condition the muscles when you’re feeling that post-workout burn, relieving tension, aches and soreness.  A must have gym bag essential.  Just apply it after your workout is finished to keep the post workout pains at bay!




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