Psychic Sisters

Amethyst Diffuser

  • Calming and relaxing properties  
  • Easy to use
  • Silent and effective 

The amethyst diffuser is super simple and easy to use. It's designed to transform your space into a calming, clear and relaxing one. Once plugged in, it can be left alone and you can focus on completely letting go, with no worries of sound, or burning as it's self controlled and regulates the temperature itself. 

Amethyst Crystal: This crystal aids a calm and clear mind and can help bring a relaxed vibe into your environment. 

How to use: Place the diffuser in the space you choose to relax in, plug into a power supply and ensure you've put your desired oil in the top. The diffuser will gently heat the oils and begin to diffuse the environment. 

Diffuser Size: (WxH) 111x63mm (X08). 123x63mm (X09)

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