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Amulet Crystal Necklace - Luck

  • Attracts love and luck to the wearer 
  • Includes 4 crystal types 
  • Dainty gold chain 

This selection of crystals have been hand picked and placed together to bring good luck, success & life victories to the person wearing it. This would make the perfect gift for someone who's in need of a little luck! 

Crystals Included: 

Citrine: A crystal that cultivates positive vibes and optimism! Feel good and get your goals!

Carnelian: The crystal of motivation and endurance. Aids the wearer to take control  and gain courage.

Jade: A protective crystal that keeps the wearer safe of negative energy by bringing joy and happiness. 

Aventurine: The crystal of comforts! It helps to bring balance and harmony to the wearer and can help attract good luck and love in life.

Size: 46cm in length, 4mm per bead.

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