Lucent Studios

Amulet Crystal Necklace - Sisterhood

  • Encourages strength
  • Includes 4 crystal types 
  • Perfect gift idea 

This beautiful selection of crystals is to symbolise your inner strength. Feel empowered, take on the world, you got this! Gift to a friend to let them know they can take on anything they set their mind too! Feel strong, confident and grounded!

Crystals Included: 

Blue Lace Agate: A crystal to support your emotional wellbeing 

Aventurine: Helps to clear and calm the mind, bringing balance to the atmosphere radiating a positive, inspiring energy

Moonstone: An inspiring crystal that evokes expression of ones thoughts and feelings. 

Citrine: A crystal that inspires joy, happiness and good vibes! 

Size: 46cm in length, 4mm per bead.

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