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Care for your hair kit

  • 4 Hair care essentials 
  • Leaves hair soft, silky and shiny
  • 100% eco friendly products 

The kit that makes your hair care routine a dream. Adding these 4 essentials to your washing routine with leave your hair feeling soft, shiny and stylish. An extra bonus to this kit is you'll be caring for the environment whilst you care for your hair as these products are 100% eco friendly. 

This kit includes:

Beauty Kubes Shampoo
Each Kube contains natural, biodegradable and cleansing ingredients which are gentle to your hair, and infused with palmarosa, orange and grapefruit essential oils, leaving your hair incredibly soft and sweet scented. 

Beauty Kubes Conditioner 
The gentle ingredients in these kubes have the ability to nourish your hair, leaving it soft, shiny and incredibly hydrated. To get the best results you may want to use 1-2 Kubes for each wash.

Lani Tropical Hair Treatment 
This treatment is designed to soften and rehydrate the hair, increasing it’s suppleness and elasticity. It offers a barrier, protecting the hair from split ends and breakages. 

Zero Waste Hair Ties
These Organic Cotton Hair ties are perfect for keeping your hair out of your face, or for styling it in buns, ponytails, and plaits. The hair ties are thick, stretchy, and durable.

How to use: Pour a few drops of the Lani hair treatment into your hands and run through dry hair. Once you're ready to wash out achieve the soft and shiny effect by taking one to two kubes and crumble them into your hands, adding water to make a paste to wash and condition. Once you’ve formed the paste, run it through your hair to form the lather and leave it for a couple of minutes before rinsing. Use the ties to tie up your hair to style. 

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