Sustainable swaps around the home

Make your home a sustainability sanctuary!  Cut down on plastic and find useful alternatives that help you to live a greener life, without sacrificing your favourite items.  By focusing on one room at a time, you can break down the changes you need to make without getting overwhelmed.  You don’t need to throw out everything you own to replace it with something more sustainable.  But becoming aware that there is an alternative next time your favourite product runs out, helps you to take action.  Here are some sustainable swaps you make at home.  One step, or one room at a time.  Here’s to greener living..





SWAP OUT Plastic Packaging  FOR Glass Storage Jars

Keep your favourite snacks, nuts, pasta and rice in jars.  Ditch the plastic wrapping and fill glass jars for a sustainable storage solution.  Keep plastic wrapping to a minimum by bulk buying bigger packs instead of small single use packets.  Supermarkets need to see how serious their customers are about reducing plastic usage.  Next time you do your shop, leave your plastic waste with them by taking your own reusable storage containers.  Even better, shop in a local pay and weigh.

SWAP OUT Plastic Chopping Board FOR Bamboo Chopping Board

Ditch the plastic and replace your chopping board with a sustainable bamboo one.  Still need to keep separate boards for meat products?  Opt for a bamboo board for all your vegetables, and a glass board for meat products which is easily wiped down and cleaned to prevent cross contamination.  Bamboo is one of the most sustainable resources we have, so it makes a great alternative to wood.

SWAP OUT Cellophane FOR Beeswax Sandwich Wrap

Cellophane is actually made from plants, making it biodegradable.  However, it is often coated in toxic chemicals during the manufacturing process which makes it harder to break down.  We also only use it once to wrap sandwiches and other food products, and then we scrunch it up and throw it away!  Beeswax wrap is made to counteract environmental issues by being a reusable alternative to food preservation.  The material is breathable allowing food to stay fresh for longer.  All you need to do is wipe it down after use and it’s ready for the next day!

SWAP OUT Plastic Cleaning Products FOR DIY Make at Home Cleaning Products

The cleaning products we use in our homes are not only packaged in plastic but also contain many harmful chemicals that are toxic to our health.  Swapping out the bottles for a DIY session helps to reduce waste.  The products are natural and are often made from things we have in our cupboards at home.  Staple items such as white vinegar, bicarbonate soda and lemons are perfect natural antibacterial cleaners.  To read more about the benefits of these household cleaners, check out our blog Give your life the ultimate spring clean.

SWAP OUT Laundry Detergent Tablets FOR Eco Friendly Liquid Detergent 

Those little tablets that you throw in with your washing are coated in plastic, and contain harmful chemicals to the environment.  When detergents go down our drains they don’t just disappear.  They can create a build up of chemicals in our water systems, and ultimately end up in our oceans affecting sea life.  Look for an eco friendly detergent which is biodegradable.  Meaning it contains natural ingredients that don’t cause a build up in waterways and our water systems.





SWAP OUT Cotton Swabs FOR Bamboo Cotton Swabs

The plastic sticks from cotton swabs are one of the most found items in ocean clean ups.  We can be rid of these single use plastic items by changing to sustainable bamboo cotton swabs.  We love these 100% recyclable and biodegradable buds from Zero Waste Club.  They also plant a tree for every purchase made.  So this is a purchase you can actually feel good about, and a swap well worth making.

SWAP OUT Soaps and Shower Gels FOR Soap Bars

Another super simple way to cut down on your bathroom plastic is to ditch all the bottles!  Go back to traditional soap bars packaged in cardboard, or you could even have a go at making your own!  Soap bars reduce down until there is no waste whatsoever, meaning this is something you can really get your moneys worth out of!  These Organic Moisturiser Bars will make sure your skin stays cleansed and moisturised with none of the environmental impact.  Made with vegan ingredients the Sandalwood, Vetiver, and Siberian bar collection are designed to nourish and soften your skin. The bars are solid however begin to soften when exposed to warmer temperatures.

SWAP OUT Plastic Bath Poof FOR a Loofah

Those plastic made things that we use to lather up our soap.  Such an unnecessary thing in our bathrooms.  Loofahs actually have more benefits as they help to buff away dead and dry skin.  Exfoliating and smoothing the body.  Made from natural material, this is a more sustainable option for skincare!

SWAP OUT Disposable Razors FOR a Reusable Razor

Think about all the plastic razors you have used in your lifetime and know that they are still sitting in a landfill.  Plastic never really completely biodegrades.  It just gets smaller and smaller until we can’t see it.  Changing your razor to a reusable stainless steel means we can say goodbye to throw away razors for good.  Our Stainless Steel Razor in Rose Gold comes with 10 spare blades, and is strong and sturdy.  Decide you want a change?  Just pop it in your metal recycling bin so it can be turned into something new!

SWAP OUT Shampoo & Conditioner Bottles FOR Shampoo & Conditioner Bars

Another must have product in our bathroom, but how can we make it more sustainable?  Introducing Beauty Kubes the chalky alternative to your everyday shampoos.  Just take one cube into the shower or bath with you, crumble in the palm of your hand and rub together.  The chalky consistency turns into a luxurious lather once water is added.  Suitable for all hair types you’ll never pick up another shampoo bottle again.  Get your Beauty Kubes HERE.



SWAP OUT Make Up Wipes FOR Reusable Cotton Pads

Reduce your single use by making the swap from throw away wipes to reusable cotton pads.  We love these Organic Cotton Pads from Zero Waste Club.  Perfect for taking off gentle eye make up, and cleansing the face.  Once they are dirty, just simply pop them into the organic wash bag and clean in the washing machine.  They’ll be good as new ready to use again.

SWAP OUT Plastic Air fresheners FOR a Diffuser

We all want our homes to smell nice, but at what cost?  The plastic air fresheners and plug in alternatives may smell nice, but they increase are plastic use with no good reason.  Instead, try a diffuser.  Perfect for releasing a slow continuous scent, using natural fragrance and oils.  For a luxurious comforting scent for your home, try The Studio Luxury Diffuser.  Hand poured, with eco friendly wooden reeds and a glass jar.  Completely recyclable and makes your home smell sweet!


However you shop, make it sustainable!  To view our whole range of homeware and gifting, visit our Online Shop.


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