Its Gemini season! Symbolised by the twins,  Gemini are known for being the communicators of the Zodiac.  In Greek mythology, Gemini is represented by Hermes, the communicator to the Gods.  Geminis see themselves as a work in progress and they love to challenge themselves to levelling up their character and becoming the best version of themselves!  Our star signs can tell us about our personality,  key traits and likes and dislikes.  How do you know if your a Gemini?  If you were born between the dates of May 21 and June 20!



The 10 Key Traits of: Gemini


1. All about others

With your amazing communication skills, Gemini’s are all about the people.  They thrive in social situations, and prefer to be out and about with friends rather than a quiet night alone.  Feeling most energised being around large groups of people and make connections easily.  They take a genuine interest in other peoples lives and stories.  Gemini’s make great, caring and loving friends, and you will always have a great time with them!


2. Thrives with change

Gemini’s thrive with change.  They don’t have attachments to self image, meaning they will easily switch up their hair, their clothes and love experimenting with different styles.  They know truly who they are, so they know that what’s on the surface is only temporary.  A makeover, or shopping trip will excite a Gemini giving them chance to explore their creativity.


3. A Curious being

Curiosity does not kill the cat when it comes to Gemini.  Naturally inquisitive and interested in everything around them.  They love to explore and adventure and discover new things.  Always wanting to know more, they will question with a childlike mind asking – who, what, why, where, when.  They are a genuine listener and retain information they are passionate about keeping.


4. Short attention span

However, Gemini’s do have a tendency to have a short attention span and can lost focus easily once distracted.  Their curiosity keeps their minds active, meaning distraction will take them on to the next thing.  They can struggle with focusing on one task at a time and often multitasking works more in their favour.


5. Lives in the moment

One thing Gemini’s are easily admired for is their capability to live in the moment!  They can quickly change between situations and are great at just going with the flow!  They feel comfortable in new situations, and can often thrive in them!  Gemini’s don’t get overwhelmed easily, can work well under pressure and always come out on top!


6. Can be unreliable

With a Gemini’s easily distracted mind, quite often they can be known as being unreliable.  They have pure intentions, but if a better offer comes along they might just go back on their word.  This is because they are always drawn to what’s new and exciting.  However it can sometimes get them in trouble for being  flaky!


7. Can’t stick to a schedule

With spontaneity being high on a Gemini’s priority list, sticking to a schedule can be somewhat of a challenge.  They don’t like routine and things to be the same, so they are always trying to mix things up and do something different!  However this can work against them when it comes to building a habit such as a gym routine, as they find it harder to stick to.  They might flit between different hobbies and passions and quickly get bored when they don’t see results.  But they’re already off on to the next best thing!


8. Loves to learn

Gemini’s love to expand their knowledge by learning something new.  They aren’t self conscious either, so they don’t mind being a beginner again.  They love the journey and process of learning and aren’t too worried about the end result.


9. Can be superficial

Gemini’s can lean towards the superficial side as they tend to follow the latest trends and fashions.  They are drawn to what’s popular so can be easily influenced by social media and celebrities.  Even though they may have knowledge in a lot of different areas, it is often only surface knowledge as they tend not to get too deep into subjects.


10. Big talker

Gemini’s love to talk the talk.  As well as being good listeners, they love to talk!  They are open about their feelings and emotions, and don’t mind having in depth discussions about things.  They will share their ideas and aren’t afraid to speak their mind, or speak out about something they are passionate about.  And they love having a captive audience to listen to them!




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