The best exercises for your face

Your body isn’t the only thing that needs a workout, so does your face!  Doing facial exercises help to boost circulation in the skin and helps to tone and strengthen the muscles of the face.  So grab your mirror and get pulling those faces!  These are the top exercises you can do to give your face a workout.



Why are facial exercises important?

Your face has over 50 muscles, and a lot of these muscles we don’t actually really use.  By adding facial exercises into your routine a couple of times a week, you can help promote blood circulation which replenishes oxygen and nutrients in the skin, creating a brighter, firmer complexion, and regenerating new cells.  Keep wrinkles at bay, and relieve tension from the face, forehead and neck.  You don’t need a fancy gym for these exercises either, you can do them anytime anywhere.  Whilst your waiting for the kettle to boil, when your on your lunch break or whilst your watching TV!


4 Simple Exercises to lift and tone the face


For Full and Youthful Cheeks

1. Smile widely and press finger tips into the creases between the mouth and the nose lifting up but creating resistance between fingertips and cheek.  This helps to strengthen the cheek muscles, for a plumper fuller look.  The signs of a youthful face!


For reducing fine lines around eyes

2. Reduce fine lines and wrinkles under the eyes by partially winking with one eye.  Holding the position to contract the muscles for one second before releasing.  Repeat 20-25 times.


Tighten Neck and Jaw

3.  Help to keep the neck firm and reduce the dreaded double chin.  Release the head back and look upwards.  Purse your lips and hold for a couple of seconds before releasing.  Repeat 20-25 times for best results.


Tone Eye Area

4. Place fingertips to the outside of the temples.  Create small circular motions, stimulating the circulation around the eyes.  Then holding the fingertips still, rapidly blink the eyes for 8 seconds.  Repeating up to five times.


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