Top Tik Tok accounts to follow for tasty recipes

Tik Tok has taken over.  It’s our go to place for everything from dance moves, travel inspiration, funny videos and now amazing recipes!  Here’s our top five favourite Tik Tok accounts to follow for delicious recipes, food inspiration and great cooking tips!



Five accounts to get you inspired in the kitchen!


1. @Thepastaqueen

For all your pasta inspiration.  There is no greater food than pasta right?  The Pasta Queen gives you all the Italian inspired pasta recipes you need.  Super simple and minimalistic, fresh ingredients.  There’s a pasta dish for every occasion.


2. @vegan.inspo

For all your vegan food needs.  From healthy snacks to sweet treats.  This channel is completely dedicated to wholesome, satisfying and delicious vegan food!


3. @tastyhealthy_recipes

Low calorie versions of all your favourite comfort foods.  From 200 calorie pizza to toasties, pasta’s and pies.  These simple recipes make sure you don’t miss out on any of your favourites. A healthier alternative than your pre packed supermarket ready meals.


4.  @healthfood

Another account for super healthy recipes from smoothie bowls, lunch ideas and healthy dips.  There’s also plenty of dessert recipes for cheesecakes, cookie dough bites and biscuits.  For those times when you are just looking for a treat!


5. @thehungerdiaries

Simple follow at home recipes for everything from cakes to mac and cheese.  However experienced you are, these recipes encourage you to get creative!  We love the recipe for mini banana pancakes and feta pasta using tomatoes and strawberries.  Strawberries in pasta who would of thought!


Want some more recipes you can sink your teeth into?  Head over to the Nutrition section on our website for more healthy and simple recipes to get you feeling inspired, and hungry!




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