Mercury Retrograde survival guide

Mercury goes into retrograde from May 29th to June 22nd.  The time of retrograde can be something we dread.  Technology goes haywire, travel plans get disrupted and communication gets misread.  So how can we navigate this tricky season without losing our heads?  This is your Mercury Retrograde survival guide.  And all you need to know on how you can make it through to the other side.


Back it up

If you’re worried about technology, its better to be safe than sorry.  Back up your phone, your photos, your hard drive.  Phones and laptops can be more likely to crash and malfunction during this time.  So taking time to pre prepare means if anything untoward does happen, then you know it wont phase you.


Slow Down

Take your time!  We often focus so much on the doing, we forget to just focus on the being.  If we rush our way through this time, trying to keep busy it can be easy to make mistakes.  So slow down, read things twice, notice your surroundings and pay attention to the small things.  Mercury in retrograde teaches us to surrender to what’s happening around us.  So stay present in the moment, stay connected and don’t forget to breathe when things become too much.


Go with the flow

Become adaptable to your situations and surroundings and just go with the flow.  The more we force things to happen, we can actually make them less likely to go our way.  When we step out of force and into flow we are putting our trust into the universe, and accepting everything that happens is happening for our greater good.  So when trials come your way during retrograde to try and throw you off, see if you can go with it.  Find what it has to teach you and know that even if it feels tough right now, it can bring you somewhere beautiful.


Clear out what’s no longer serving you

Retrograde can be the perfect time to clear out that which is no longer serving you.  Whether this be in your wardrobe, your desk draw or who you follow on Instagram.  If it doesn’t make you happy you don’t need it!  Think about what energy you want to cultivate in your life and make the effort to create it in everything that you do.  Let go of the things that bring you down, and focus your mind on the positive.  Especially during retrograde!


Prepare for the past

Things from our past have a sneaky way of showing up during Mercury Retrograde.  That situation you thought you’d put to bed, or that ex you thought you’d seen for the last time.  Keep your wits about you and be prepared for the past to come back into the present.  Try to focus on the lesson and what you still have left to learn, or if there is anything you need to release still involving this person/situation.  Don’t get caught up in feelings and emotions of the past though.  That door was closed for a reason, and you don’t need to walk back into it to find closure.


What does retrograde have in store for your sign?  Find out on our latest blog post How each sign can navigate Retrograde Season.


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